Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NOSTALGIA (Due to our week off)

Thanks to the long weekend, we couldn't get the time together to do a show this week.. butttttt as a special treat we have decided to upload our first episode EVER, from way back in November of 2006.
We'll be back next week with regular programming.
ALSO - Check out some sweet designs our good friend Corey Tomlins made for us on the right hand side of the page, the boy got skills.

Here it is, FIRST EPISODE EVER (We kind of sucked worse, spoke for a long time and dragged it right out, but we interview Jasper from the now defunct Warhorse which was a treat)


Segment 1

Animal Collective 'People'

Segment 2

Animal Collective 'The Purple Bottle'

Segment 3

Dinosaur Jr. 'Start Choppin'
Grizzly Bear 'On A Neck, On A Spit'
Liars 'Hold You, Drum'

Segment 4

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead 'So Divided'
The Velvet Underground 'Heroin'
Gaslight Radio 'Is By Bus'
Black Dice 'Snarly Yow'

Segment 5

Warhorse 'Bear In The Big City'
Interview - Warhorse part 1
Influental Track - Warhorse - The Stooges '1970'
Interview - Warhorse part 2
Influental Track - Warhorse - Primal Scream 'Acclrtr'
Interview - Warhorse part 3
Influental Track - Warhorse - Snoop Dogg 'Gz and Hustlaz'
Interview - Warhorse part 4
Warhorse 'Pants Party'

Segment 6

Bird Blobs 'Inbred Disco'

Segment 7

Ween 'Mutilated Lips'
Fugazi 'Five Corporations'
Fu Manchu 'Squash That Fly'

Segment 8

Kyuss 'Allen's Wrench'

Segment 9

Dappled Cities Fly 'Within Hours'
The Birthday Party 'Release The Bats'
Blood Brothers 'We Ride Skeletal Lightning'

Segment 10

Pavement 'Stereo'
Ratatat 'Loud Pipes'
The Stabs 'The Woods/The Rain'

Segment 11

The Fucking Champs 'Tonight, We Ride'

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