Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Episode 8 - Aired 15/04/08

Ok so we interviewed the awesome Jimmy from Clinkerfield.
Probably one of the best interviews we have done, Jimmy was sitting on his verandah, smoking a rollie and listening to the birds. Perfect.


Segment 1

Animal Collective 'Water Curses'
Fucking Champs 'This Is Like Immortal'

Segment 2

The Breeders 'Walk It Off'
Yeasayer '2080'
Boris 'Tonari No Saatan'

Segment 3

Clinkerfield Interview Part 1
'Bonnie's Little Finger'
Clinkerfield Interview Part 2
'Someday We'll Get Married'
Clinkerfield Interview Part 3
'Bonnie Come Save My Soul'

Segment 4

Felicity Groom & The Black Black Smoke 'Treasures
'Witch 'Eye'

Segment 5

Land Of Talk 'Summer Special'
Fuck Buttons 'Colours Move'
Silver Jews 'Strange Victory, Strange Defeat'

Segment 6

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions 'I Thought You'd Fall For Me'
Of Montreal 'Cato As A Pun'

Segment 7

Queens Of The Stone Age 'You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar But I Feel Like A Millionaire'
Principles Of Geometry 'Golem'

Segment 8

My Bloody Valentine 'Sugar'
Black Mountain 'Angels'
Pretty Girls Make Graves 'Bring It On Goldon Pond'

Segment 9

Sun Kil Moon 'Lost Verses'
Coconut Records 'West Coast'
Allen Ginsberg 'Ballad Of The Skeletons'

Segment 10

David Bowie 'Ashes To Ashes'

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