Monday, May 12, 2008

Brief Hiatus

So so sorry folks but me and Mikey will be having a short 2 week break. Mikey is heading off to NZ and Pete needs a bit of time to catch up on some work so we will keep you in the loop as to when exactly the show will be back.. It will be that short you wont notice we are gone!

Here's a few things to keep you busy -

- Download some older episodes of the show you may not have had a chance to get around to.

- Listen to The Nevada Strange here. We will be interviewing them on the next show back. They are brilliant.

- Visit the Atlas Sound/Deerhunter blog here. Last week when Pete was sick at home he cleaned this out, there is a plethora of recordings, EP's, Digital 7"s etc etc. It's gold.

- Watch The new Icarus Line Video here (Look out for the Annie Hardy/Giant Drag cameo)

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