Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Episode 13 - Aired 10/06/08


Segment 1

Why? 'Song Of The Sad Assasin'
Sian Alice Group 'Way Down To Heaven'

Segment 2

Frank Zappa 'Joe's Garage'
Songs 'Keeping It Clean'
The Field 'A Paw In My Face'

Segment 3

Lil' Wayne f Jay-Z 'Mr. Carter'
Aidan John Moffatt 'Good Morning'

Segment 4

The Velvet Underground 'New Age'
Belong 'Late Night'
Psychic Ills 'Diamond City'

Segment 5

Helmet 'Exactly What You Wanted'
Curse Of Company 'All The Miners'
Jah Division 'Dub Will Tear Us Apart'

Segment 6

Telepathe 'I Can't Stand It'
Squeeze 'Up The Junction'

Segment 7

Notorious B.I.G. 'Kick In The Door'
Bob Dylan 'I Want You'
Chromatics 'Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush Cover)'

Segment 8

Modeselektor 'Happy Birthday'
The Clash 'Guns Of Brixton'

Segment 9

The Traveling Wilburys 'End Of The Line'

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