Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Episode 14 - Aired 17/06/08

Segment 1

Link Wray 'Rumble'

Deerhunter 'Never Stops'

Segment 2

Warhorse 'Skeletor'

Flipper 'Ever'

The Pogues 'Dirty Old Town (Live)'

Segment 3

Catcall 'August'

Can 'Nineteen Century Man'

Cloudland Canyon 'Krautwerk'

Segment 4

Soundgarden 'Burden In My Hand'

Ghetto 'Who's Got'

Segment 5

The Warlocks 'Suicide Note'

Segment 6

Fugazi 'Epic Problem'

Ellen Allien 'Ondu'

Comets On Fire 'The Antlers Of The Midnight Sun'

Segment 7

The Vaselines 'Dying For It'

Brant Bjork And The Bros 'Punk Rock Guilt'

Rings 'Ripeace'

Segment 8

Indian Jewelry 'Walking On The Water'

High On Fire 'Turk'

Segment 9

Joy Divison 'Transmission'

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